Monday, July 6, 2015

Our Fourth in the North

We spent the weekend of the 4th in the North. NCW has a big gathering of her family every year and this was another in a long series. There is always lots of food and a good fireworks display offered up voluntarily by one of her sons. It's a tradition and every one eats well and watches a very good display of the best fireworks that Wisconsin has to offer. For the first time, both of my kids came to enjoy the weekend.

Unky Herb (UH) and Mrs. Herb (MH) posed on the lawn near the lake at the NCW B&B. It was her first time to the Iron Range and first stay at the B&B. She commented on the piles of reddish rocks adorning the sides of the road that she saw on the way north and the trees that seem to grow out of the side of the rock piles without any visible sign of soil.

Here's the hostess with the mostest. NCW and Sherrie (with some other help) made eggs benedict on the morning of the fourth for about 20 family and friends at her B&B on the shore of Swan Lake. This photo was taken on the deck looking down towards the lake.

We were all together, my kids and me in Hibbing. The wild flowers are not native, but arguably wild and growing near the Hull Rust Mine as PP leans on the sign. It was a nice afternoon in Bob Dylan's hometown. Zimmy's is still closed by the way.

Unky Herb and his spouse near the edge of the Hull Rust mine in Hibbing. It was a place that we have visited before, but the first time for the MH.

It's called Swan Lake, but Loon Lake would be a better name. There were quite a few of the big birds around when we took a boat ride on Saturday, and they were used to boats by this time, because the lake was filled with boaters and water skiers. Near dusk they sang their plaintive song for all of us.

NCW's youngest grandson was doing some fishing as the sun began to set. The smoke from Canadian fires made the sun red and the rest of the sky murky.

Unky Herb has a fireworks setting on his camera and used it under the home grown display on NCW's beach.

We're back from the north and only photos and good memories remain.


Santini said...

Thanks for sharing the photos and the stories, Jimi. It looks like a good time was had by all.

BDE said...

That fishing photo is a classic. Fun post.