Sunday, April 5, 2015

Adam has a birthday

It's Adam's birthday. He's 35 and I can hardly believe that time has flashed by so rapidly. He was here today to celebrate his new age a bit and to help me do some chores that I'm getting too old to do. Like go up on the roof. He and his little sister were here for a few hours and we had some fun just hanging out. Life sure has changes, slow but steady changes, and they sneak up on a guy. I was happy to have a few hours of his busy life.

Here is the young guy in about 1984 at a zoo in San Diego. The kiddies' zoo and all he wanted to do was to ride a composite material turtle.

Adam at about six years old. One of many of my favorite years.

Adam and Ying in 2014 on their honeymoon in Kauai. A long way from 1980 in Minneapolis where he was born.

Happy birthday young guy. And many more.


Santini said...

Unky Herb is a very popular guy among his Michigan family members, too. I remember him well as a baby, a boy and a young man. Time....

Nice photos. Nice memories.

Aunt Barb said...

He is popular among all his relatives in Minnesota, too. Duh. Who would not love Unky Herb?!

OSLO said...

Happy birthday to my awesome cousin!!! The COTU's also send birthday wishes. I was just a kid when he was born. I still remember talking with my new cousin in baby talk. A good memory! The Michigan family loves you!!!