Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

A fine spring day came to visit here today. I managed to spend much of this Cinco de Mayo outside. It was 66º at one time and it felt extremely fine. I was able to finish some of my raking responsibilities and ferried the leaves and other refuse to one of the Capitol City's yard waste recycling sites. I had some branches and, because of the Emerald Ash blight that has lately arrived here, all wood has to go to a specific site. For a Monday the site was bustling. Spring has brought out the rakes and black plastic bags.

Later in the afternoon NCW and I took a saunter around Como Lake. It was nice. The signs of spring were there. The wood ducks and black birds were bustling about. The first sighting of a rollerblader. The first sighting of shirtless runners circling the water front. The first view of turtles basking in the sun. And the lineup of "Nice Bikes" by Black Bear Crossing. They were being rented and used, too. As we walked up to the lineup of bikes a mom was helping a five year old (or so) count the bikes. So I know there were thirteen of them there.

There are at least six turtles basking in the sun at the city lake.

Not much else going on just now. I'm still playing tennis four times a week and today was a day off. A welcome day off when I can rebuild my stamina to get ready for some more geezer tennis on Wednesday. We haven't played outside yet, but I think we'll be outside by Saturday. Maybe spring and summer are actually going to happen this year.

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Santini said...

The last two turtles were hard to find -- I think I found all six.

Those bikes are pretty funny looking. It makes them harder to steal, I suppose. It will be interesting to see if people will really use them.

Sounds like a nice day -- it was still cold here.