Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Annual Imperative

March 4th. March forth.

NCW and I visited Gasparilla Island to play some tennis with John and to search for shells and walk on the beach next to the Gulf of Mexico. NCW took this photo just before we began playing our abbreviated set. The players are TT and one of the tennis geezers who lives in St Paul, but vacations here, John. We quit early to catch the ferry to the island. It was a good idea. I was hot and getting heated. I've now played three times during this trip.

Shelling on the beach at Gasparilla Island. NCW, Beth and John. The beach and the aqua colored sea water are quite striking.  NCW gathered some nice shells and a nice collection of million year old shark teeth. Ask her to see them.

The bad news is that both NCW and I sunburned our feet. Another lesson relearned.

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Santini said...

It was a beautiful day for beaching it. I'm pleased you two had fun.